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Testosterone Replacement

Testosterone affects almost every tissue in the body and is vitally important to a man’s health and well being. TRT is used to treat people with low levels of testosterone and can help improve athletic performance, work performance, sleep, mood, weight loss, anti-aging, and overall health. 

Signs of Low Testosterone

  • Low motivation

  • lack of spontaneous & morning erections

  • low libido

  • erectile dysfunction (soft erections)

  • depression

  • fatigue

  • weight gain and muscle loss

  • high pitched voice

  • decreased amount of body hair

  • increased recovery times

Image by Bruno Aguirre
Cardio Challenge

Benefits of Optimal T Levels

  • Improved mood & motivation

  • better sleep

  • increase in lean muscle mass

  • improved athletic performance

  • improved libido & erectile dysfunction

  • improved sexual performance

  • increased insulin sensitivity

  • increased metabolism

  • decreased recovery time

What To Expect 

2-4 weeks: Physiological improvement (mood & motivation)

2-3 months: Physical and sexual improvement

6-12 months: Consistent results 

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