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Medically Assisted Weight Loss


Initial Consult & Labs


Treatment Initiation 


Meal Guide


Weigh Ins & Follow Ups


Glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor (GLP-1) agonist, helps your pancreas release insulin to decrease blood sugar levels which promotes weight loss. This is done by activating a blood-sugar regulating protein found within the beta cells of your pancreas. It delays stomach emptying leading to a feeling of fullness & satisfaction, and slows intestinal motility. Studies1 have shown that using a GLP-1 once weekly plus lifestyle intervention was associated with sustained, clinically relevant reduction in body weight.Participates are showing real results with an average of 12-15lbs loss per month!

In a GLP-1 weight loss trial2 that included almost 2000 adults with BMIs of 30 and greater, more than half of the participants lost 15% of their body weight. Most of the participants lost at least 10% of their body weight. The participants were not diabetic indicating GLP-1's are beneficial for weight loss in non-diabetic persons. Also, the participants taking GLP-1s showed improvements in blood pressure, blood sugar, and heart disease risk.





Monthly Program

  • Initial consultation with NP

  • Review labs & goals

  • Start weekly dose administration

  • Dietary plan

  • Weekly weigh-ins/follow-up

  • 15% off Slim Goodie or Goat Athlete IV drip

Kitchen Scale


  • Our MAWL program involves an once-weekly injectable prescription medication used for adults with a diagnosis of obesity (BMI >30) or overweight (BMI >27 with weight related chronic conditions), needing help losing weight and keeping it off. 

  • It is given subcutaneously in your abdomen once weekly via tiny needle (similar to insulin injection) 

  • First month, our NP will administer injections. If comfortable the following months you may self-administer at home. 

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